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The first Italian manufacturer of perforating and embossing

machines established in 1885.


FC ND Electric Date and Numbering Machine


Electric Stamping Machine with 6-digit progressive numbering and 7-letter date, with self-inking ribbon.


It can stamp up to 6 mm thickness; output: 6/7 copies chemical paper or carbon-backed forms. Controlled by a microswitch that can be adjusted up to 7cm from edge; stamping pressure control; lock with safety key; brass plate to engrave a text.

Numbering-Date : 123456 13 JUL 2010
Date- Numberinge : 13 JUL 2010 123456
Type/digit height : 4 mm
Start : microswitch
Start point adjustment : 7 cm
Brass plate size : 47x45 mm
Machine size LxWxH : 12x25x18cm
Weight : 7 kg
Power : 220 V 50 Hz

Brass plate engraving

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