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The first Italian manufacturer of perforating and embossing

machines established in 1885.


FCT Electronic Chronodater


Electronic Chronodater, needle printing and self-inking ribbon cassette. It can stamp date and time; as an alternative to one of these stampings, a four-letter text may be composed.


Comes with liquid-crystal display and keys to program data to be displayed and printed; data may be selected in four languages. Printing position may be changed as to feed depth by a slider. The machine is equipped with an electric power adapter, two safety keys and a wall-mounting kit.

Calendar : perpetual, automatic change daylight
  saving time/solar time
Printing : printing needle head
Copies : 4 on chemical paper
Start point adjustment : 3 cm
Password : 4-digit
Machine size LxWxH : 15.5 x 18 x 18 cm
Weight : 2 kg
Power : 220 V 50 Hz

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